Module Guard

  • ModuleGuard security enclosures are certified
    Grade II – IV by ECB•S in accordance with the
    EN 1143-1 certification for burglary resistance.
  • The rooms also offer approved protection
    against certain firearms.
  • The security enclosures are constructed using
    modular, lightweight panels.
  • The light weight reduces transportation costs,
    eases installation and allows for placement
    higher up in buildings where floor loads are
  • The modular construction means assembly,
    disassembly and expansion of a room is both
    quick and easy.
  • The security enclosures can be built into the
    existing structure of a building and customised
    to meet the required dimensions.
  • Possible application are: reinforced protection
    for cash-counting rooms, archives, storerooms
    (for weapons, pharmaceuticals), ATMs, etc.
  • A series of high-security locking options is
  • The exterior of the enclosure can be painted or
    finished with decorative panels. Pre-painted or
    galvanised version available as an option.

Product Features

Brand Chubb
Fire Resistant Yes
NDT or Envelop Slot N/A