Topaz 1116

  • Topaz 1116 is dedicated for Hotel Guest Room
  • For Hotel Guests, the safe operates on a 6 digits personal PIN number
    for confidentiality
  • For Hotel Management, the safe electronic are managed by master code
    for time & date setting.
  • Computerized Electronic Unit (CEU) is used for downloading of audit
    reports, maximum 120 events with code, time & date
  • A master overriding key can be used to access the safe if lockout
  • Clear LED Display Screen with large keypad buttons
  • Battery level indicator: “LO-BAT” display on the screen
  • Able to accommodate a laptop computer
  • Operate using 4 numbers of ‘”AA” size batteries

Product Description


Product Features

Brand Chubb
Fire Resistant No
NDT or Envelop Slot N/A